We don’t make sausages.

A story about the tech community giving back, and sausages.

Here’s a little tale about how a simple idea with sausages turned into food for our NHS Heroes and some things I learned from the past two weeks.

Sausage by Charles Deluvio

Original Photo by Charles Deluvio

We’ve all been trying to find ways to use our skill sets to do some good in this torrid time of lockdowns, worry, stress and anxiety.

For any business of any kind it’s been difficult, but we’ve been astounded by the outpour of the help offered and the community COVID-19 has created amongst professionals and business people alike.

So when Peter Rossi approached us a little over 2 weeks ago, with an idea, like with most things we do together, it was an instant YES!

Peter’s idea was to continue with the great work the Jolly Hog had started, using their sausage van to feed NHS Heroes in the carpark of Southmead hospital.

Jolly hog at hospital bristol

Jolly Hog / Bristol Hospital

It was very nearly a non starter though! Neither Pete or I are good sausage makers, nor are we the proud owners of any sort of retro sausage van.

We continued into deep discussion, about the various types of sausage we could create, what type of bread would be the perfect consistency for the perfect dog. Sausage van designs were next, how on earth were we to convert a caravan into the perfect retro sausage dispensary. All of these ideas would take money and skills that neither Pete or I were blessed with.

But we came to the epiphany.

If we could use what we know, to introduce the caterers we know, to the technologists we know, then we could all share what we know, to support our NHS Heroes.

We’d provide the tech and the distribution for tech companies who want to do something good to help our NHS Heroes, with people like the Jolly Hog, who want to use their skills in an industry heavily effected by COVID-19, to provide hearty and delicious food to the people who are working hard to help those with the virus.


Bytes For Heroes Mockup

Bytes For Heroes App Design / Made By Prism

It was a great idea, well we thought so anyway. So we immediately got to work. The Prism team mobilized, we’d build a website and an app in 4 days flat, to spread the word and have a means to distribute the food.

Pete would mobilise his team, hammer the phones, spread the word and get technologists and caterers aligned.

Today, we’re in the final stages of taking our idea to reality with several donations made and caterers lined up to distribute food this week.

We’ve loved working on Bytes For Heroes as it’s not only an interesting project but a way we can give back at what is a difficult time for us all, particularly our front line NHS and care workers. I know I speak for the whole team when I say we’re so thankful to be able to give a little of our time and expertise to help a great cause.

Jodie Handley, Client Services Director - PRISM

Here are some takeaways:

Two people with a great idea and enough passion and enthusiasm can really get something off the ground quickly.

If you can tell people coherently, something you want to achieve and it inspires them enough, they’ll help you make it happen.

Not everything has to be about margin and profit. Sure there’s always a need to make money, we’re in business to do just that, but boy does it feel good to do something you love without that mattering.

In conclusion

We’ll never be sausage makers, but we’re super excited about what’s next for Bytes for Heroes.

Keep a look out and do us a favour, if you see Bytes For Heroes, please tell your network and share with the world.

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