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Transforming Ningi: The All-in-One Financial Advisory Platform

Ningi had a compelling vision: to be the definitive all-in-one financial management solution for ambitious small and medium-sized financial advice firms in the UK.

Despite having a feature-rich platform that aimed to revolutionise financial advisory services, they lacked a cohesive brand identity and strategic marketing plan.

“We had no real brand, direction, no marketing plan, and our website was terrible. We had VC’s on our backs expecting a world-class strategy and execution plan. PRISM⁵⁵ delivered.”

Pete Ridlington, the Founder of Ningi

Crafting a Marketing Strategy From Ground Up

Ideation & Brand Strategy: Not Just Another Tech Solution

Firstly, we worked to distil the essence of what made Ningi unique in the crowded financial advisory tech landscape. Unlike other platforms, Ningi aimed to streamline complex and inefficient financial advising processes, making life easier for both advisers and clients. The focus was to make Ningi the only piece of software that any adviser would ever need, encapsulating everything from Robo and Hybrid advice propositions to client management and even seminar delivery.

Marketing Strategy Formulation: Full Spectrum of Services

We laid out a robust, full-service marketing strategy for Ningi that started with an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and the challenges and needs of small to medium-sized financial advice firms. Based on this, we formulated a comprehensive strategy that covered all bases, from targeted online ads to SEO-friendly content creation, aiming to position Ningi as the definitive solution for financial advisory firms.

Messaging and Positioning: Problem-Solvers for Financial Advisers

We focused on crafting a compelling narrative around how Ningi solves the real-world problems faced by financial advisers. Be it integrating multiple operational facets into one platform, being 10 times cheaper than competitors, or facilitating quick and simple client-adviser interactions, the message was clear: Ningi is the future-proof choice for growing your financial advisory business.

Digital Transformation: More Than a Fresh Coat of Paint

A key component of our strategy was giving Ningi’s digital assets a complete makeover. Beyond redesigning their website, we also worked on the UX/UI elements of their software. Every feature—from adviser CRM to the client portal—was meticulously crafted to optimise both functionality and aesthetic.

Execution and Rollout: A Strategy That’s Built to Last

Once all the pillars were in place, we executed the brand-new strategy across all platforms and channels, ensuring seamless integration with Ningi’s existing workflows. The Ningi team was now equipped with a dynamic marketing strategy that not only served their immediate needs but also offered a long-term road map for sustained growth.

Visual Transformation: Modular Design, Unifying Identity

Logo Redesign: Foundation of Identity

The first order of business was crafting a new logo that encapsulated the brand’s modular essence and forward-thinking attitude. Designed from the ground up, the logo is a balance of simplicity and sophistication, mirroring Ningi’s functional and aesthetic attributes.

Overhauling the Palette and Typography: Cohesive and Versatile

We steered away from industry stereotypes and embraced a fresh colour palette that resonated with Ningi’s transformative vision. Complementing this, we selected fonts that were both modern and readable, ensuring the brand’s messaging would be clear across various platforms.

Extending the Visual Language: From Digital to Physical Spaces

It didn’t just stop at the website. We took the newly minted visual identity and extended it to various brand assets—slide decks, office signage, and even marketing collateral. Each touchpoint was meticulously designed to be in harmony with the overall brand identity, thereby ensuring a consistent brand experience wherever Ningi made an impression.

By tailoring a visual identity that matches Ningi’s modular and integrated ethos, we’ve laid down a strong foundation for the brand to build upon as it aims to disrupt the financial advisory space. This aesthetic overhaul is not just skin-deep; it goes hand in hand with the transformative work we’ve done in strategy, messaging, and platform development for Ningi.

The Result: A Blueprint for Success

Ningi has transformed into a platform with not just a clear brand identity but also a strategic marketing framework that positions it as the game-changer in the financial advisory tech space. As a direct result, they are well on their way to reaching their £1M investment target.

Pete Ridlington sums it up best:

“In the process of working with Harry & the PRISM⁵⁵ team we’re close to our target of initially raising £1M of investment and are now investing heavily in our future brand growth. It’s early days but we already have a plan, a new brand, website refresh and stacks more on the way.”

At PRISM⁵⁵, our role transcended that of a mere service provider; we were strategic partners in Ningi’s journey towards redefining the financial advisory landscape. And this is just the beginning.

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