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Energising Lift Glucose Through Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Transformation

Lift Glucose approached us with a crystal-clear objective: to forge a closer relationship with their customers by establishing their first Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channel. Their products were already sought after in well-known retail spaces such as Amazon, Asda, Boots, Morrisons & Superdrug, but they were passionate about giving their brand its own distinct voice and customer connection. Additionally, they wanted a complete overhaul of their digital brand assets.

The Strategy:

To turn this vision into a reality, we plotted out a roadmap, including:

  1. A Tailor-Made Shopify Website: More than just pixels and code, we aimed for a seamless alignment with Lift Glucose’s existing brand identity.
  2. Direct-to-Consumer Shop: An online marketplace meticulously designed to not only sell but also to foster a more intimate brand-customer relationship.
  3. Revitalised Brand Imagery: We rethought every aspect of Lift Glucose’s product photography and brand assets to dovetail with their evolved brand positioning.

The Implementation:

Step 1: Defining the Aesthetic
The journey began with a laser focus on design. We mapped out the aesthetic elements for both desktop and mobile platforms, carefully considering the customer journey to offer the best possible user experience.

Step 2: Building the Shopify Fortress
We didn’t just want a functional website; we wanted a powerhouse. We custom-built the Shopify site from scratch, ensuring Lift Glucose could leverage all of Shopify’s bells and whistles. This included integrating subscription functionality, configuring email templates, checkout processes, and an analytics suite to track long-term performance.

Step 3: Content & Cohesion
The Lift team worked diligently on the content, while PRISM⁵⁵ was entrusted with weaving it seamlessly into the website. This synergistic effort ensured that the final product was greater than the sum of its parts.

Step 4: Quality Assurance
Before lift-off, we conducted exhaustive testing to ensure the site was compatible across multiple browsers. The project was ambitious, both in its scope and timeline, but we’re proud to say we nailed it.

I’m very happy with the new Lift DTC website designed by PRISM⁵⁵. It looks lightyears better than the previous design. It reflects the brand’s personality perfectly, making it modern and fresh, yet managing to keep the more “serious stuff”.  The team was easy to work with, responsive to my feedback, and delivered the project on time and on budget. They will definitely get my vote… THANK YOU!!!!

Nyree Chambers, Head of Marketing

The Result:

The project resulted in a website that isn’t just a website; it’s Lift Glucose’s new digital home. Not only is it the cornerstone of their D2C strategy, but it’s also been praised for its usability and aesthetic appeal.

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all for the effort, care and commitment you all put into the Lift D2C project – the resulting site looks great! You have all been a pleasure to work with, on the ball and always quick to react to queries, issues, etc. So THANK YOU! Now on to phase 2…

Jocelyn Kirby, Head of Ecommerce

The Next Steps: An Ongoing Journey

Success, they say, is not a destination but a journey. With the launch of Lift Glucose’s new website, our collaboration didn’t just hit a milestone—it embarked on a journey of evolution.

Marketing the Brand New Digital Home

Our marketing team has rolled up its sleeves to showcase the new D2C channel to the public. Through a multi-faceted strategy we’re working to ensure that Lift Glucose becomes more than just a brand—it becomes a household name.

Looking Ahead: Future Enhancements

The site is built, but our work isn’t over. Far from it. We’re excited to announce that this is just the beginning. Our roadmap includes an array of further developments and integrations designed to make the Lift Glucose shopping experience even more seamless and engaging.

At PRISM⁵⁵, we thrive on challenges and relish opportunities for growth, both for us and our partners. We look forward to taking on your brand’s unique challenges and elevating it to new heights. Let’s start a conversation.

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