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Generating over 4000 leads in 12 months for OpenPayd

When OpenPayd approached us, they had a clear vision for what they wanted help with; to develop their paid advertising campaigns to drive quality lead generation.

OpenPayd builds embedded financial services that power business growth. They are enabling innovative companies to build new products, streamline their operations and manage payments globally with their Banking-as-a-Service infrastructure.

OpenPayd needed PPC to work in a very tightly defined niche with a lot of irrelevant traffic and a narrow customer base.

Here are some of their challenges:

  • To ensure consistent quality of leads.
  • To increase sales team efficiency by driving only higher quality leads.
  • To support brand awareness through geographic targeting.

Getting Started with OpenPayd

Our starting point was where most paid advertising begins, by putting the key foundations in place to grow a successful campaign. We started by:

  • Creating a structure for the paid search campaign
  • Building keyword lists
  • Researching key audiences and building audience profiles
  • Carrying out opportunity analysis, targeting sectors by the audience to determine potential CPA, budgets, and access to the market.
  • Optimization and Lead Quality

As we delivered the first campaigns, we worked collaboratively with the sales and marketing team to nurture our leads to drive quality. We identified key wastage areas for budget quickly and repositioned and organized the campaign to use the budget to drive higher quality leads. Because we are focussed here on not only decreasing CPA but also on increasing lead quality, we implemented some innovative solutions including:

  • Consistent management of negative keywords to remove consumer terms
  • Importing offline conversions back into Google ads using a three-stage qualification process to maximize the learning opportunities for google to optimize the campaign.
  • Advised on building landing pages with more relevant content to improve quality scores and overall conversion rates.
  • In addition to our work, we supported the physical marketing requirements by implementing geographically targeted campaigns to increase brand awareness around events—such as conferences or workshops—that OpenPayd attended.

The results

  • Beaten the CPA target by 20%
  • 4,000,000+ Impressions
  • 4200 leads generated (and counting)
  • Click to enquiry rate of 2.3% (compared to organic 1.06%)
  • 90%+ Impression share across all priority marketing terms for their sector.

Since our involvement with OpenPayd, our campaigns have become one of the primary inbound lead sources for the OpenPayd sales team. OpenPayd have seen a significant increase in quality enquiries, leading to growth of 150% in the last 12 months.

Michael Treacy, Head of Marketing, OpenPayd said “Prism have been the perfect agency partner to help OpenPayd grow. The team’s responsiveness, expert advice and general project management have been second to none and they really feel like an extension to your marketing team. The results speak for themselves, and I would urge any growing business to reach out to them if you’re looking to grow via search engine marketing.”

Michael Treacy - Testimonial Image

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