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Designing a new website and brand for Quickhost

Quickhost, a web hosting & colocation company, approached us as they were looking to update their brand and website at the same time due to introducing new products and services to their growing customer base.

Quickhost had already established itself as reliable and great value to host websites and was launching the next phase of its growth by building a new data centre and moving into the co-location sector.

QuickhostUK Re-brand

Their existing branding had become outdated, and although still working ok, the site and branding needed an update to modernise and compete with competitors who were investing in this space.

We started by simplifying the logo and working through a number of designs until we reached a brand that could work across multiple platforms, the website, and social media. We also chose a colour palette that was modern, bright, and would stand out from the crowd.

Website design and build

For the website, we started by looking through a sitemap of the current site and deciding what needed to stay, what could be consolidated and what was new. This gave us a good structure that we could work to ensure that we had all of the relevant outcomes for the site covered.

Then we got to designing. We wanted our design to be bold and bright, with lots of helpful information so consumers could make better purchasing decisions. We also wanted it to be fun.

We presented a site that used several design themes, such as waves and fluid curves, in addition to overlapping sections where the background helped people scroll further down the page—and into key call-to-action areas.

The major challenge we faced while designing the website was providing consumers with all of the information they needed to make a purchase decision. To address this issue, we simplified and consolidated key content onto one page and made content easier to find than before at key decision points.

Once we had designed the key pages, it was time to take them forward into the build. We used WordPress as a platform to build a custom template from scratch, providing Quickhost with all of the out-of-the-box features and easy-to-use content management that WordPress could offer without the need for further development later. This would keep the ongoing cost of managing and maintaining the website down.

This site also had a small amount of custom integration into a backend pricing system, making it easy for the Quickhost team to update their pricing without having to update it on the website manually.

Overall, we are really pleased with how the site came together. Quickhost was delighted with the result, and so were their customers—both existing ones and those who found out about them and their new services for the first time.

Our new website and branding have received many compliments, many more than our previous website! PRISM has helped display our new product offering to the world and we’re going from strength to strength in growing the co-location side of our business along with our new data-centre. I’d recommend PRISM to anyone looking to refresh their site. Great team who are always happy to help and a great support to the business.

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