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From Vision to Reality: Transforming Bulugo

When Bulugo first walked through our doors at PRISM⁵⁵, they didn’t just bring a broken beta product; they brought a monumental ambition—to revolutionize traditional procurement in the marine industry. This was more than a quick fix; it was an opportunity to create something groundbreaking.

The Journey: Two Roads, One Destination

Understanding Bulugo’s business ambitions and technological needs was our first order of business. Once we had our compass set, we took a dual-pronged approach: crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly front-end sales website, and simultaneously laying the robust foundation for a web app that would serve as the operational control centre for both customers and clients.

“Technology may have been the main reason we started working with the team, but they offered us so much more as our partnership evolved. They’ve gone above and beyond.”

Zoe Rossi, Director at Bulugo

Our designers and developers didn’t just modify templates; they built everything from the ground up. Four months of meticulous crafting and coding later, we had a platform ready to disrupt an entire industry and a website that did justice to Bulugo’s transformative vision.

The Result: Navigating to New Horizons

The website and platform went live, and the reaction was instant. But what’s a good ship without a good crew? With our support, Bulugo also secured £150k in seed investment, propelling them further into the marketplace.

Our relationship with Bulugo isn’t just a project; it’s a partnership and an ongoing journey. We’re excited to be part of their continued technological and brand evolution. We built a digital vessel sturdy enough for the high seas of global business, and we can’t wait to see where the winds take Bulugo next.

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